FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What kind of fashion do you offer?

We offer women’s fashion, shoes and bags in all sizes from a wide range of brands and price categories (from Mango to Vivienne Westwood).

Our packages consist of 10-40 items. Browse our shop for pre-packed packages that suit your taste and needs. You can decide between sorted and premium clothing.

Where does the content come from?

We  create photos and product content ourselves or acquire the rights for its marketing.

In the latter case, we cooperate with other online retailers who have created their own product data. This data will be purchased by us and then distributed to you.

What do the items cost?

The price of a package is based on its content and the amount of data you would like to receive..

How much are the shipping costs?

If your order costs less than 500 € (net), you will have to pay 5 € (excl. VAT) for the shipping. For more information, please look up our conditions on shipping and payments.

Can I return my package if I am not satisfied with the items?

As we are a wholesale, we don’t offer a return policy.

Can I also purchase packages on a commission basis?

For large quantities, a commission-based purchase is possible. Please contact us beforehand.

Can I order packages without added content (i. e. photos and product data) to lower the purchasing price of the package?

Standard content (basic data) for packages in our online shop has already been generated, so the content is included in the price. You can abandon the included data, but that does not result in a lower price.

We are happy to accept individual orders from you via mail or phone for packages that best meet your needs. In this case we can arrange a lower price for packages without data or photos.

Where do your products come from?

We work together with sorting companies and another partner who purchases the clothes from its customers.

We sell selected items in new and used condition. We do also acquire overstock or stock resulting from company dissolutions.

Has every item been checked for authenticity?

All of our premium and luxury brand products have been authenticated by our experts in a thorough inspection process.

Can I use the item photos without restriction?

You may use the photos for your online marketing activities on all kinds of platforms without any restrictions.

Which payment methods are available?

You can choose between paying by invoice and paying by PayPal. By using PayPal, you also get the opportunity to pay by your Visa Mastercard or by direct debit.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you order the amount of packages you need. Our smallest packages contain 10 different items.

We do not sell single items.

How do you grade the condition of the items?

We offer products in the following conditions:


  • New with tag: The original label is still attached and the item looks like a new product
  • Like New: The item looks like a new product
  • Very Good: The item has previously been worn, with only minor signs of wear
  • Used: The item shows small visible signs of wear or a missing brand label

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